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Rolatiku stands as a beacon of innovation and pioneering spirit in the world of technology. As a thriving young company, we are dedicated to the creation, production, and marketing of open-source hardware and other electronic components. Rolatiku is a wellspring of high-quality, inventive open-source hardware solutions, specially catered for electronics manufacturers, tech enthusiasts, and, notably, Raspberry Pi hobbyists.

With a vast product line of hundreds of electronic components, Rolatiku specializes in open-source hardware. Our primary focus remains on delivering excellent quality, both in terms of products and technical support. Through our relentless dedication and high-quality service, we have successfully extended our reach to over 120 countries and regions worldwide.

Our mission at Rolatiku is to inspire and enable the creators of tomorrow with cutting-edge electronic components and open-source hardware, and to keep fueling the growing passion for Raspberry Pi around the globe. We stand by our commitment to quality, innovation, and service, embodying these values in every product that comes from Rolatiku.

Cutting-Edge 0pen-Source Hardware

RISC-V Dual Gigabit Ports AI Single Board Computer 8G ARM

 Quad-core 64-bit RV64GC ISA chip platform (SoC)  .

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Micro:bit V2.2 Board for Coding and Programming

Popular STEM education product in the world

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Raspberry Pi 3B Start Kit

The inclusion of a name-brand micro SD card is very nice and fairly unusual for starter kits.

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Microbit TPbot Smart Coding Robot Car

The appearance of the microbit tpbot robot car is made of ABS material.

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Embark on Your Creative Journey

At Rolatiku, you’ll find a hardware world of endless possibilities, waiting for your exploration.

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Design and Innovation in Educational Programming

Rolatiku commits itself to the exploration, creation, manufacturing, and promotion of open-source hardware solutions.

It aims to supply an extensive selection of innovative, high-quality products to a broad audience including hobbyists, students, engineers, among others, while also offering comprehensive technical support and services.

Over the course of nearly a decade, Rolatiku has expanded its reach, exporting products to over 100 countries and territories.

Its main product lines include the millimeter-wave radar module series, Raspberry Pi kit series, Microbit kit series, Risc-v development board kit series, and a variety of electronic tools, among others.


Worry-Free Technical Support

  • Our specialists provide information and answer any questions. We’re ready to advise you and give you a substantive support.
  • We try to adjust to our Customers’ needs. If you look for specific product, we can import it, and we can send the package to any place in the world on your request.
  • We cooperate only with verified and reliable suppliers. You can be sure that products bought in our shop are original.

Quality Assurance

Your Journey Starts Here: Rolatiku  is more than just a marketplace; it’s a community of like-minded hardware enthusiasts and innovators. We provide resources, tutorials, and support to help you navigate the exciting world of hardware development.

Why Choose Rolatiku:

  • Quality Assurance: Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards.
  • Innovation: We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in hardware technology.
  • Customer Support: Our team is here to assist you at every step of your journey.

Join us at Rolatiku and embark on a hardware adventure like no other. Discover, create, and innovate with us today. Your next breakthrough starts here.


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We specialize in a wide array of cutting-edge products, ranging from the versatile ESP32 series to the beloved Raspberry Pi family and the ingenious MicroBit collection. Whether you’re a seasoned hardware guru or a curious beginner, we’ve got the perfect tools to fuel your creativity.

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We cooperate only with verified and reliable suppliers. You can be sure that products bought in our shop are original.


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Millimeter-Wave Radar Module FAQs

1) Measure the human falling speed

2) By staying at rest

3) Through the point-cloud imaging

Radar sends and receives electromagnetic waves to determine the existence of the human body.

The closer to the radar, the higher the accuracy.

  • The human body is outside the radar range Please refer to the radar scanning range and adjust the installation angle; the radar measurement range can be different in different environments.
  • Wrong output caused by metal occlusion Too thick office desks and chairs, metal seats, will block the electromagnetic wave penetration, resulting in misjudgment.
  • Scan angle difference Radar did not scan to the trunk cadre position, causing a misjudgment. Phenomenon.
  • Radar sensitivity is too low Radar provides parameter regulation with increased sensitivity improvement.

In normal state, the radar will accurately determine the human body’s sitting state and the presence of sleep, and output information such as falls, breathing, and vital signs.

1.The radar scanning area is large, and movement at the door and next door to the wooden wall is detected. Adjustment method: Reduce the radar sensitivity and the radar provides scene settings.

2.The air conditioner and fan are running directly under the radar.
Adjustment method: Adjust the radar position so that it does not directly face the air conditioner or fan.

3. Object shaking caused by air conditioning wind
Adjustment method: Cotton, non-metallic items will not cause false alarms. Metal objects need to be secured.

4.The radar is not fixed and vibration causes false alarms
Adjustment method: Avoid support shaking and vibration.

5.Occasionally moving objects such as pets and birds
Adjustment method: Since the radar measures micro-movements and has high sensitivity, this interference cannot be eliminated.

6.Power interference, resulting in occasional misjudgments
Adjustment method: Try to keep the power supply current stable and reduce ripple.

The detection range of radar is equivalent to the illumination of a flashlight. Different algorithms and data collection can be implemented under light and shadow.

Although there are signals outside of light and shadow, they can only be used for triggering and cannot be used for algorithm calculations.

Multi-channel radar waves reflect external electromagnetic waves to collect real-time signal changes, output changes in azimuth information such as the distance and angle between the target and the radar in real time, and report points in real time to realize trajectory tracking and multi-person counting functions.

Based on the weak changes in the reflection frequency of radar waves, we can obtain the large-scale movements of the human body’s physiological characteristics in the environment, the micro-movements of the chest, and the weak beating of the heartbeat.

We can calculate the person’s existence in an active resting state, and judge the values ​​related to breathing and heartbeat. In the antenna detection area, the relevant values ​​​​of breathing and heartbeat, sleep and angle position information of the human body are detected in real time.

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